The Shepherds Hut

This weeks post begins with a huge thank you to all those who suggested names for my beautiful Shepherds Hut, both through the blog and during countless conversations with me. You’ve all been very kind and patient even though I must have bored you all going on and on.

I am pleased to announce that my Shepherds Hut has aptly been named Belle.  Not only is the name festive, the dictionary suggests Belle to be ‘beautiful’ and since she is, that will be her name. Now when the family need to find me, they will find me over at Belle’s.

It seemed quite odd writing about a Christmas present in last weeks post whilst we’re currently enjoying a beautiful warm summer.  It is of course now I am able to fully appreciate this special gift and enjoy wonderful views like this whilst I write my blog.

A view in June - The Shepherds Hut

Back in March we were blessed with a hot weekend which by chance was the day work started to build Belle. Before then, there was much ground work to carry out.  And for that task we were not quite so lucky with the weather.

Shepherds Hut groundworks 1 e1499965915147 225x300 - The Shepherds Hut

Shepherds Hut groundworks 2 225x300 - The Shepherds Hut










These two not so brilliant photos, show where we chose to position Belle and since there was no hard standing, we spent several days putting one in. By the way, in the above left photo please meet our overly pampered liver spot Dalmatian, Spencer. He is often referred to as The Spotty One. It is likely you will see a fair bit of him on my blog. He is always there, by my side, my very loyal and affectionate companion.  A bit about Spencer… he is not number 5 in the home as he should be, he is number 1.  He has two beds of his own and moves between them often, leaving us unable to get rid of the least used.  Aside from this sleeping arrangement he favours Little Miss’ bed, where I said he would never be allowed. He also moults.  A lot.

Shepherds Hut base e1499968747927 225x300 - The Shepherds HutShepherds Hut back view e1499968857382 225x300 - The Shepherds Hut










It took two wonderful carpenters (Dan and Lewis, thank you both so much!) and Mr M of course, two very long days to put together my Shepherds Hut.  My job was to supply countless mugs of tea, cakes and ice creams and at the end of the second day, well deserved ice-cold beers.

Shepherd Hut interior takes shape e1499968784240 225x300 - The Shepherds Hut

Shepherds Hut finished and unpainted e1499968827166 225x300 - The Shepherds Hut










Last week I promised to tell you why I was the lucky recipient of a present like no other.  Like many, I have always dreamed of a place in the garden to call my own.  As a child I recall my younger sister and I would spend many warm and happy summer days in the family shed pretending we were part of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.  We’d take our lemon curd sandwiches, bar of chocolate and bottles of pop and spend hours not noticing the overhead cobwebs whilst we aimed to solve the latest crime. Our children too have been lucky to have had loft spaces and sheds converted into Legoland and bubble gum pink chill out zones and sleepover spots as they’ve grown up. And once my son had outgrown our garden shed, it became my hideaway cum craft room cum potting shed. In fact my private Pinterest page held for quite some time, a photo of my dream Shepherds Hut.

Blogging 1 240x300 - The Shepherds Hut

It was a while back when we decided our next home would be our biggest home renovation so far. I have also decided it will be our last … we’ll see. Historically our renovations have been recorded at best in a scrap-book with a few photo albums chucked in for good measure.  This time we agreed a more cohesive, technical approach was called for.  I recall well the moment I said out loud “let’s write a blog! After all everyone’s doing it so it must be easy”.  It was agreed that I, with no technical nohow whatsoever, would write this blog (and by the way, it’s not easy) and of course I would need a place to write and create. I had thought the dining table would suffice, luckily for me Mr M did not.  He’s had quite enough of endless pieces of vintage material, bits of ribbon and countless beautiful note books left lying around. He wants them all in one place.  And it’s here in that one place, I can be creative. I can experiment without judgement and I can achieve many dreams. That’s why I got this special Shepherds Hut.  It was Oscar Wilde who once said “you can’t use up creativity….the more you use, the more you have”.  Lucky me that I get to see if that’s true over at Belle’s.

Shepherds Hut 4 Copy 2 - The Shepherds Hut


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