Happy New Year – a nod to the year gone and exciting plans for the future

Happy New Year everyone! I do hope you all enjoyed a wonderful break with family and friends and trust you managed a little me time. January is traditionally a nod to the previous year and a time for setting exciting goals for the new year ahead. I thought in today’s post I would reflect on the first year in our home and entice you to continue the journey with Whitewood and Linen, since 2018 looks to be a new year full of many interesting and I hope inspiring building, DIY and craft projects. Many of which I aim to share both here and through social media. So, as is tradition here on my little blog, grab yourself a cuppa and let’s get going…

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Pot Bellied Stove – a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

Welcome everyone to this weeks post totally devoted to the beautiful Belle. I have wonderful interaction and a great many likes on my Instagram feed when Belle makes an appearance. So I’m hoping that you might like to read a little more about her recent adventure. To begin, we’ve had a few teething problems with the little stove which needed addressing and so for the past few weeks, it’s meant I’ve not spent nearly as much time at Belle’s as I would have liked. I’ve missed hanging out there with The Spotty One, writing my stories; it’s such a creative place to be. Now that the little stove is doing what was intended and providing a toasty place to write, I’m feeling rather like the cat that’s got the cream. So I thought today I’d show you our sweet little pot-bellied stove in action, if you have some time…

Belle key ring e1511800622146 225x300 - Pot Bellied Stove - a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

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A Kitchen Makeover in time for Christmas

I remember viewing our potential new home with Mr M and the estate agent in a state of fuzz.  Rather like an old-fashioned sepia photograph, the visit was all a bit blurry and I was a little over excited. We had previously seen the dated bungalow and put in an offer but like so many others we’d viewed, we were outbid.  We were in our second rental property and we were desperate to find ‘The Right One’.

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An Easy Vintage Upcycle – Finding a new use for an old drawer

Do you know what I mean when I say “I see my friends and family rolling their eyes and thinking what on earth is she going to do with that?!” Well it happens here often and it happened again recently on a mini break Mr M and I enjoyed together. I picked it up, he rolled his eyes and the assistant wrapped it quickly before I came to my senses. I’m not even sure the car had come to a halt at home, before the paint tins were out and I began the transformation. This week I’m talking about an easy DIY project anyone can do… if they have an old drawer hanging around. I’m going to show you how to turn this dreary vintage drawer into a centrepiece you will just love. And this week we have a lot of ideas and a lot of photos, so shall we get started?

Vintage wooden drawer 1 253x300 - An Easy Vintage Upcycle - Finding a new use for an old drawer

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