An Up-cycled Tray and a short story of a change in direction

I’m writing today’s blog over at Belle’s. It’s a wet and drizzly day and I am warm and toasty with the little fire crackling, my electric blanket turned to full on the vintage bed (our little secret, best not share with Mr M) and not at all discouraged that springtime appears to be off the agenda for now. This week I have a quick and pretty up-cycled tray to share with you. There are endless possibilities for it’s use, not just the obvious and for a mere £2 it was yet another lucky find. Before we take a look at the tray though, I have some other news to share with you…

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A Lazy Susan – reinventing for essential storage in the Craft Studio

“You’ve got a drip” he said, so naturally I turned to the mirror to check “no, a paint drip, on your Lazy Susan” he said gesturing at today’s up-cycle. I know he only tries to help. As I’ve mentioned before, he is a perfectionist, I am not. He preps, I don’t. Besides I like the distressed look. It covers up imperfections which of course wouldn’t be there if only I did what Mr M says you should do right at the start of an up-cycle project. I think that is maybe why I have so much masking tape in my craft cupboard; I mean does anyone use that stuff?

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Spring Bulbs to brighten up dark corners of your Home

Happy Thursday everyone and a huge thank you to you lovely people for getting in touch in a variety of ways, to tell me how much you are enjoying the blog. I could not be happier to have you all here each week. I love the start of a New Year with all its hopes and dreams for the coming weeks. It’s the perfect time for endless lists of projects, goals and to create to-do lists galore. And I enjoy the warm candlelight I seem to have in my home from dawn til dusk, helping natures gift of light which seems to be struggling a little right now. Generally in my home, I tend to favour a neutral backdrop and use a lot of cream and grey hues in my decoration. Yet right now, I find myself craving a pop of colour. When this happens I look to flowers, fresh or faux and in particular at this time of year, spring bulbs to brighten up my home. So this week I’m going to show you another quick and inexpensive way to add colour to your homes during the darker days and weeks ahead…

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Bar Stools – up-cycling and alternative uses around the home

Welcome everyone to my second post of the New Year. We all seem to be moving and changing up our decor, post Christmas, so this week I bring you a quick and easy up-cycle which you may like to do yourself. That is if you have a pine bar stool or two sitting around in need of a new lease of life. These bar stools were gifted to me by a friend sometime ago. I had thought I would use them for the purpose intended however I don’t have a bar where I can place bar stools. I do however have a need for bedside tables, coffee tables and a little something for Doris to perch on…


Paintings – Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home

Welcome everyone to the final post in our five-part mini series Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home. It’s been a while since we last met for inexpensive decor in this post, so let’s begin this week with a look at Paintings for the thrifty home. For many years I have said to friends “I don’t think I get art”. Paintings I mean. Oils especially. I don’t look at a painting and share that far off thoughtful look others have. Often I cannot fathom why particular paintings qualify as amazing art at all. Perhaps my art gene was replaced with the faffing one, who knows. Over the years though, I have collected paintings and prints that in time have grown to reflect my personal style. So I thought today I’d share with you a part of my ‘painting’ collection. I’m all set up ready; a private viewing if you like. So perhaps we should make a start…

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