Bar Stools – up-cycling and alternative uses around the home

Welcome everyone to my second post of the New Year. We all seem to be moving and changing up our decor, post Christmas, so this week I bring you a quick and easy up-cycle which you may like to do yourself. That is if you have a pine bar stool or two sitting around in need of a new lease of life. These bar stools were gifted to me by a friend sometime ago. I had thought I would use them for the purpose intended however I don’t have a bar where I can place bar stools. I do however have a need for bedside tables, coffee tables and a little something for Doris to perch on…


Christmas Decorations at Belle’s – the beautiful Shepherds Hut

Goodness can anyone out there please tell me how this happens every year. One minute it’s mid November and we are all wistfully thinking ahead to a wonderful Merry Christmas with plenty of time to plan and the next… we have three weeks left to create our Christmas. Three weeks. That is not very long at all and I still have so much to do. And so do many others I imagine. And sometimes it can be too easy to rush to the shops, buy a lot of stuff we don’t really need and over commercialise an event which by the very nature of its origins should be simple, natural and inexpensive. Ok, with maybe a dash of glitter. This week I thought I’d take you on a quick tour of Belle and show you her natural, homespun and vintage Christmas decorations, ready?…

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Renovate and Build – One step closer and a look back in time

Everyone, I have exciting news to share. This week we have received planning permission to build and renovate our new home. I have rewritten this introduction so many times in a bid to convey my excitement yet nothing works. It’s a huge understatement to say we are excited however, it will just have to do. We are now set to renovate extensively and build the home we have spent so many years dreaming of, in a spot we never dared think we would. Since we received this news, I have woken each morning with such a feeling in my tummy which is akin only to how I feel, each and every Christmas morning. We have so much to do to get ready for the build and renovation early next year. Before then however, I’d like to take you on a little trip back in time…

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The Rose – Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home

Another quick win in my world of home decor is the rose. This post was originally going to look at flowers in general in the home. It would appear however, I have way too many ideas to share in one post. And so today, in the third part of our mini series Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home we will focus on the beautiful and elegant rose and all she has to offer. Plus I’ll also be showing how with a little structure and form to your chosen vase, you too can create a simple and elegant display…

Yellow flatlay rose 225x300 - The Rose - Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home

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Vintage, Pre-loved and Thrifty Decor in the Home

I’m very aware my blog’s tagline is …the story of a stylish renovation…and it occurs to me, one or two of you may be thinking where is this renovation then?  I have some exciting news to share with you.  Our submitted plans for the renovation have been acknowledged by the local council and a sign sits proudly out the front of our home telling anyone who cares to read it what we are up to. This feels a huge step in the right direction and our architect has worked very hard to put on paper that which was in two heads.  This includes from myself yet another dream I have had for a very long time… a log burning stove in our master en-suite bathroom. Cue much eye rolling.

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