Christmas Decor – An unconventional Christmas decoration

It was always going to be tricky. Bright and shiny, baubles and glitter or simple and rustic. I couldn’t decide, so I took inspiration from all three. Bright, baubles and simple. With a bit of rustic thrown in. The Spotty One remains unsure, looking out of the corner of his eye as his tail brushes past her. And Master M, returned home from Uni simply grunted “she’s still here then” in more of a statement of fact manner than a question. I am of course talking about the delightful Doris. And I simply cannot wait for you to see her Christmas decor …

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Christmas Decorations at Belle’s – the beautiful Shepherds Hut

Goodness can anyone out there please tell me how this happens every year. One minute it’s mid November and we are all wistfully thinking ahead to a wonderful Merry Christmas with plenty of time to plan and the next… we have three weeks left to create our Christmas. Three weeks. That is not very long at all and I still have so much to do. And so do many others I imagine. And sometimes it can be too easy to rush to the shops, buy a lot of stuff we don’t really need and over commercialise an event which by the very nature of its origins should be simple, natural and inexpensive. Ok, with maybe a dash of glitter. This week I thought I’d take you on a quick tour of Belle and show you her natural, homespun and vintage Christmas decorations, ready?…

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A Kitchen Makeover in time for Christmas

I remember viewing our potential new home with Mr M and the estate agent in a state of fuzz.  Rather like an old-fashioned sepia photograph, the visit was all a bit blurry and I was a little over excited. We had previously seen the dated bungalow and put in an offer but like so many others we’d viewed, we were outbid.  We were in our second rental property and we were desperate to find ‘The Right One’.

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The Shepherds Hut – my very special place to blog

This weeks post begins with a huge thank you to all those who suggested names for my beautiful Shepherds Hut, both through the blog and during countless conversations with me. You’ve all been very kind and patient even though I must have bored you all going on and on.

I am pleased to announce that my Shepherds Hut has aptly been named Belle.  Not only is the name festive, the dictionary suggests Belle to be ‘beautiful’ and since she is, that will be her name. Now when the family need to find me, they will find me over at Belle’s.
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A very special Christmas present

I’ve been very excited about bringing you this post for quite sometime.  Since Christmas to be exact.  It’s about another present, and yes it’s from Mr M again. I know, I know, he’s a good guy; I guess I just got lucky.

So, today’s story goes like this. We’d been in our new home for five days before I came up for air and away from way too many packing boxes.  We’d moved from a smaller rental, so on removal day boxes came from storage, the rental and just about everywhere else it seemed.  Unwrapping the storage boxes was fun actually and not unlike Christmas day itself, as I rediscovered family gems and precious photos wrapped in tissue paper for safe keeping.
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