Pot Bellied Stove – a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

Welcome everyone to this weeks post totally devoted to the beautiful Belle. I have wonderful interaction and a great many likes on my Instagram feed when Belle makes an appearance. So I’m hoping that you might like to read a little more about her recent adventure. To begin, we’ve had a few teething problems with the little stove which needed addressing and so for the past few weeks, it’s meant I’ve not spent nearly as much time at Belle’s as I would have liked. I’ve missed hanging out there with The Spotty One, writing my stories; it’s such a creative place to be. Now that the little stove is doing what was intended and providing a toasty place to write, I’m feeling rather like the cat that’s got the cream. So I thought today I’d show you our sweet little pot-bellied stove in action, if you have some time…

Belle key ring e1511800622146 225x300 - Pot Bellied Stove - a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

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The Shepherds Hut – decorating the inside of beautiful Belle

Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this post with you all. Over the past few months you’ve seen many photo’s of the outside of Belle my beautiful Shepherds Hut. And until now, not too many of indoors. As with the renovation of our home, decorating the Shepherds Hut remains a work in progress, although at Belle’s I get to put my stamp all over her. Vintage this and thrifty that, no-one is raising their eyebrows at what is going on over there. So I thought this week you might like a little peek at Belle with her summertime vibe going on, before I start changing things up for Autumn and Christmas. Ready? Let’s go…

Shepherds Hut 4 Copy 2 237x300 - The Shepherds Hut - decorating the inside of beautiful Belle

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The Shepherds Hut – my very special place to blog

This weeks post begins with a huge thank you to all those who suggested names for my beautiful Shepherds Hut, both through the blog and during countless conversations with me. You’ve all been very kind and patient even though I must have bored you all going on and on.

I am pleased to announce that my Shepherds Hut has aptly been named Belle.  Not only is the name festive, the dictionary suggests Belle to be ‘beautiful’ and since she is, that will be her name. Now when the family need to find me, they will find me over at Belle’s.
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A very special Christmas present

I’ve been very excited about bringing you this post for quite sometime.  Since Christmas to be exact.  It’s about another present, and yes it’s from Mr M again. I know, I know, he’s a good guy; I guess I just got lucky.

So, today’s story goes like this. We’d been in our new home for five days before I came up for air and away from way too many packing boxes.  We’d moved from a smaller rental, so on removal day boxes came from storage, the rental and just about everywhere else it seemed.  Unwrapping the storage boxes was fun actually and not unlike Christmas day itself, as I rediscovered family gems and precious photos wrapped in tissue paper for safe keeping.
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