Christmas Decorations at Belle’s – the beautiful Shepherds Hut

Goodness can anyone out there please tell me how this happens every year. One minute it’s mid November and we are all wistfully thinking ahead to a wonderful Merry Christmas with plenty of time to plan and the next… we have three weeks left to create our Christmas. Three weeks. That is not very long at all and I still have so much to do. And so do many others I imagine. And sometimes it can be too easy to rush to the shops, buy a lot of stuff we don’t really need and over commercialise an event which by the very nature of its origins should be simple, natural and inexpensive. Ok, with maybe a dash of glitter. This week I thought I’d take you on a quick tour of Belle and show you her natural, homespun and vintage Christmas decorations, ready?…

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Pot Bellied Stove – a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

Welcome everyone to this weeks post totally devoted to the beautiful Belle. I have wonderful interaction and a great many likes on my Instagram feed when Belle makes an appearance. So I’m hoping that you might like to read a little more about her recent adventure. To begin, we’ve had a few teething problems with the little stove which needed addressing and so for the past few weeks, it’s meant I’ve not spent nearly as much time at Belle’s as I would have liked. I’ve missed hanging out there with The Spotty One, writing my stories; it’s such a creative place to be. Now that the little stove is doing what was intended and providing a toasty place to write, I’m feeling rather like the cat that’s got the cream. So I thought today I’d show you our sweet little pot-bellied stove in action, if you have some time…

Belle key ring e1511800622146 225x300 - Pot Bellied Stove - a necessary addition to The Shepherds Hut

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Paintings – Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home

Welcome everyone to the final post in our five-part mini series Vintage and Thrifty Styling for the Home. It’s been a while since we last met for inexpensive decor in this post, so let’s begin this week with a look at Paintings for the thrifty home. For many years I have said to friends “I don’t think I get art”. Paintings I mean. Oils especially. I don’t look at a painting and share that far off thoughtful look others have. Often I cannot fathom why particular paintings qualify as amazing art at all. Perhaps my art gene was replaced with the faffing one, who knows. Over the years though, I have collected paintings and prints that in time have grown to reflect my personal style. So I thought today I’d share with you a part of my ‘painting’ collection. I’m all set up ready; a private viewing if you like. So perhaps we should make a start…

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Faffing, the art of and another favourite pass-time in my world

Faffing: to spend your time doing a lot of things that are not important instead of the things that you should be doing. Mmm… not usual for me to contradict the formidable Cambridge Dictionary however on this occasion I must. Faffing: time well spent moving ones precious pretties around to create pleasing focal points of interest. Happy with that?  Me too. Rather like last weeks post Decorating Belle – a thoroughly enjoyable pass-time, faffing is a very happy way for me to spend time. Occasionally I get to spend a few uninterrupted hours faffing. Mostly faffing fits in around cleaning and household jobs and even more occasionally I get up very early and spend an entire morning faffing, just like I did on Saturday whilst the rest of the house was still fast asleep…

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Decorating Belle – a thoroughly enjoyable pass-time

Decorating Belle is one of my most favourite pass times. Ok let’s rework that sentence; decorating anywhere is the best way to spend time to me, decorating Belle is magical. I have a penchant for baby pink and soft blue in particular, so it’s been fairly simple to migrate decoration from around the home to Belles, creating a cosy workplace. Yet one year on I’m seeing way too many lovely interiors on my Instagram feed focusing on white alone and whilst I was never a huge fan years back, I’m fast becoming one now. Since I’m keen for our new home to be predominantly white with tones of grey, it seemed sensible (and thrifty) to me to use excess home decor in decorating the Shepherds Hut. I thought today I’d show you how Belle’s looking now that I’ve ‘settled in’. So if you’ve got your coffee handy, we could go now…

welcome sign e1510130509952 225x300 - Decorating Belle - a thoroughly enjoyable pass-time

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