New Beginnings in the Garden

I’ve long-held a dream of having my own orchard.  Not one as grand as Monty’s but my own all the same. And in my dream chickens gather together in the hope of windfall and I harvest juicy apples in old wicker baskets and turn my hand to warm autumn crumbles and bright jewel like jams.

It had always been our plan to tackle as much of the back garden as we could before the main building and renovating of our home began. So back a while ago it was our wedding anniversary and way ahead of time Mr M announced this year’s gift to me would be different. It is unusual for Mr M to even mention a gift.  He generally gives a present and waits to share in my delight. In sharp contrast I prefer every detail of the present buying story to be told. In the run up to the day, he mentioned the gift often. Not what it was or anything like that just chatter, about the gift. Odd behaviour since he doesn’t usually do that. On the day before our anniversary, he even wondered out loud if he might have made a mistake….. clearly he was very unsure.

On the morning of our anniversary I presented him with a few gifts wrapped as I like to do in themed paper and ribbon. Just tokens.. a funny book, a favourite tipple, nougat you get the idea.  Then it was my turn.  Nothing tangible, nothing to see, just a short rushed and awkward monologue. He needn’t have worried.

First of fruit trees 225x300 - New Beginnings in the Garden

It was a cold, grey and bleak day when they were delivered back in February. An apple, a pear and a crab apple tree. They sat in the garage till the severe frosts had passed. I checked on them regularly but they were reluctant to show signs of growth. They were barely more than tall twigs. I wasn’t at all sure.  In March when the frosts had passed and the ground was a vast muddy pool, we chose a spot and Mr M planted them.

Newly planted fruit trees 240x300 - New Beginnings in the Garden

And just like that I have it. My own mini orchard. My very own orchard with three fruit trees all in a row and plenty of room to spread their long growing branches.  In three short months they’ve grown so well with Mother Nature doing her bit to help.

FullSizeRender4004 - New Beginnings in the Garden

They look healthy and strong and just like they should do, if not better with the recent warm spell we’ve had. The crab apple in particular is clearly enjoying her spot and I’m sure I should have fruit ready for autumn and winter wreaths.

Spring Time Trees 240x300 - New Beginnings in the Gardencrab apples 225x300 - New Beginnings in the Garden

And as I sit here today writing this post it occurs to me that dreams do come true.  I got my orchard. A place for me to one day gather a successful harvest to make those delicious jams and favourite family crumbles. Mr M says it will be a while till then. They don’t grow that quickly he says. But that’s just fine, we’re in no rush, they can take their time.




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