Family – A new and exciting addition

I am bubbling with excitement to share great news of a new addition to our family. She came into our lives this summer. Beautiful and elegant, she is quite exquisite. She turns heads with her simplicity and lights up a room with her glamour. She has a cheeky sense of fun and excitement although for the most part remains mysteriously quiet and interesting. In her more gregarious moments she sparkles and shines. Yet catch her unawares and you will notice her peaceful vulnerability. Allow me to introduce to you, Doris…

Dirty Doris e1506529524988 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

I found Doris the vintage mannequin at a brocante this summer. She was a little dirty and time-worn in places.  Nonetheless, it was love at first sight. I took her home, gave her a gentle wash and allowed her to dry quietly in the summer sunshine.

Doris drying e1506529647546 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

Then I introduced her to the family. There was a moment of silence and mouth gaping from Mr M, a quizzical interested look from Little Miss and Master M announced the mannequin needed to be moved from outside his bedroom door as she freaked him out. He has since returned to uni and Doris remains in place.

Doris naked in hallway e1506531774751 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

I have wanted a mannequin for as long as I can remember and cannot wait to style her as befits such a beauty. And on that summer’s day, I began preserving her modesty with a small amount of costume jewellery and casually tied scarves. I found hues of blue to be her colours, coincidentally toning well with the current hallway decor.

Doris in blue jewellery e1506529857629 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting additionDoris in Blue jewellery and scarves 3 e1506530793567 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

Doris stayed in this attire throughout summer whilst I played with ideas for forthcoming events.  For autumn, a skirt of vibrant colours. Our mannequin at her first family Christmas, in a stunning dress lit with tiny fairy lights. And possibly after all that festive fun, a quiet transition into the new year with perhaps a little faux fur to keep Doris snug in colder months.  And just imagine springtime, with all its endless floral possibilities. What a beauty she will be.

One weekend, Mr M and I recycled old chicken wire to form the base for such decorations. And of course we had some help from The Spotty One who is quite unenthusiastic with Doris’ arrival.

Doris underskirt e1506529961771 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting additionDoris underskirt 2 e1506530071542 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

I cannot claim all the glory for this skirt structure alone.  For some time now I have followed this wonderful blog full of artistic inspiration and creative ideas. Kate is definitely one to follow and has her own spectacular ‘Doris’. So too it would seem have others and I eagerly pin any ideas for future make-overs. This week I plan to get Doris autumn ready and if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you may want to now and watch Doris grow in her splendour over the coming weeks.  For now though I must fly. Without a doubt I’m happiest creating and I have several ideas I need to explore for Doris’ wardrobe…see you next week.

Doris in Blue jewellery and scarves 2 e1506530580220 225x300 - Family - A new and exciting addition

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