Our Story

Ours is a story all about renovating and rebuilding an old and tired country bungalow in a beautiful and semi-rural part of Hampshire.

It’s a home with countless possibilities in a beautiful setting, where we’ll be able to put to good use the skills we’ve individually and collectively achieved.  There’s so much to do and I’m filled with utter excitement every time I think too hard about it!

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Here’s a little about me. For many years I ran a successful small business and then took time out to raise our family. It was during that time I discovered my love for interiors and I took part in several accredited Interior Design courses where I learnt the ‘rules’ and how to break them.  More recently I’ve taken part in a blogging course because as I quickly discovered, you need a few technical skills to help you write a blog! These newly acquired skills are very much in their infancy, although my supporters tell me, be patient and keep at it and I will get there eventually!

Now for a little about my style and what I like. I love to upcycle anything I can. It comes from being married to a man in the business of renovating older properties: by the time we’ve finished the build, there’s not usually too much left to spend on decor!  And so I’ve become imaginative with the pennies and other people’s discarded treasures.  I tend to follow my heart and not always the rule book when I’m creating my look and I’ve learned to trust my instinct and try many schemes over time.  I love the old shabby chic look of faded floral linens and fabrics that tell a story of their past and the simple chippy and faded patina of old wooden furniture that many of us have come to enjoy and include in our homes. I love decorative french Rococo swirls and timeless English country homes each with their aged and vintage pieces. Homes which are clearly lived in and yet still retain a sense of charm and informal design.  And I take a little from all of this to create my individual style.

I particularly want this blog to become a record of our renovation and the many projects we’ll be doing along the way.  A story to look back on and see the progress made. And I hope that this blogs readers and followers will enjoy our progress too.  So, shall we begin?


Whitewood and Linen

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