Painted Fireplace Makeover – Part Two or all’s well that ends well

Welcome to the second part of the painted fireplace fiasco lovely readers. If however you are new, again welcome, although you may wish to catch up with the story so far in last weeks post. When I woke early on day two, I promise my little heart was pounding its way out of my chest. “You go” I said to Mr M as I waited in the kitchen. I wasn’t too sure I could cope, if the slow drying stain block hadn’t served its purpose. Of course by sending Mr M in first, I had set the stage for childish games at my expense beginning with what I was sure would be, fake terror etched upon his face. Next I figured there would be much tutting and shaking of the head and words and phrases like “I’m not sure there’s anything we can do about this darling…” and “it’s going to be very difficult to get around this one you know…” He returned to the kitchen however with a warm smile on his face announcing how lucky I was that he’d saved the day and declaring he had no idea what we would have done if he hadn’t had any stain block. And do you know…I may just let him have this win. Let’s check out day two shall we?

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Fireplace Makeover – Part One or the key really is in preparation

of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light; the opposite of interesting summary found when one Google’s the definition of ‘white’. And since our west-facing sitting room is rarely bright enough to see in certain corners, I decided a fireplace makeover would be in order. A ‘white’ fireplace makeover to be exact.  And in a nod towards total transparency and honesty, I feel it only fair to say this simple little project was neither and it did not get off to the very best start. Warning, the following post contains graphic content which may offend some readers…

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An Up-cycled Tray and a short story of a change in direction

I’m writing today’s blog over at Belle’s. It’s a wet and drizzly day and I am warm and toasty with the little fire crackling, my electric blanket turned to full on the vintage bed (our little secret, best not share with Mr M) and not at all discouraged that springtime appears to be off the agenda for now. This week I have a quick and pretty up-cycled tray to share with you. There are endless possibilities for it’s use, not just the obvious and for a mere £2 it was yet another lucky find. Before we take a look at the tray though, I have some other news to share with you…

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A Lazy Susan – reinventing for essential storage in the Craft Studio

“You’ve got a drip” he said, so naturally I turned to the mirror to check “no, a paint drip, on your Lazy Susan” he said gesturing at today’s up-cycle. I know he only tries to help. As I’ve mentioned before, he is a perfectionist, I am not. He preps, I don’t. Besides I like the distressed look. It covers up imperfections which of course wouldn’t be there if only I did what Mr M says you should do right at the start of an up-cycle project. I think that is maybe why I have so much masking tape in my craft cupboard; I mean does anyone use that stuff?

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Spring Bulbs to brighten up dark corners of your Home

Happy Thursday everyone and a huge thank you to you lovely people for getting in touch in a variety of ways, to tell me how much you are enjoying the blog. I could not be happier to have you all here each week. I love the start of a New Year with all its hopes and dreams for the coming weeks. It’s the perfect time for endless lists of projects, goals and to create to-do lists galore. And I enjoy the warm candlelight I seem to have in my home from dawn til dusk, helping natures gift of light which seems to be struggling a little right now. Generally in my home, I tend to favour a neutral backdrop and use a lot of cream and grey hues in my decoration. Yet right now, I find myself craving a pop of colour. When this happens I look to flowers, fresh or faux and in particular at this time of year, spring bulbs to brighten up my home. So this week I’m going to show you another quick and inexpensive way to add colour to your homes during the darker days and weeks ahead…

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